• Origination

    Initial assessment of the investment, through this step we assess the client's needs and compliance of the transaction with the rules of the fund and make an initial offer. It is crucial for us to define the structure of the transaction.

  • Underwriting

    A detailed investment assessment depends on the complexity and riskiness of the transaction and/or investment goals.

    In order to verify a potential investment, the fund conducts an in-depth analysis, the scope of which depends on the complexity of the investment. In-depth analyzes can be legal, financial, tax, technical or environmental.

  • Administration

    Investment contracting and establishment of investment monitoring. At this stage the portfolio tracking team takes over the investment from the Front Office team.

  • Loan Maintenance

    MP actively manages all investments in the portfolio during the contracting of the transaction and after the investment (during loan amortization).

    Changing the structure of the transaction based on possible additional needs during the investment period (investment period, cost overrun)

    • Review of SPN and determination of the beneficial owner (CDD)

      Criteria for abandoning an investment and checking the Fund's investment limits

      Preliminary credit rating

      Letter of intent, credit terms, Memorandum of Understanding.

    • Structure of the transaction

      Credit application including due diligence review

      Assessment of collateral

      Final definition of credit terms and contract preparation

      Investment decision

    • Certification of contracts and transaction documentation

      Registration of insurance instruments and collection

      Bookkeeping records and archiving of documents

      Establishment of investment monitoring

    • Weekly to monthly disbursement surveillance

      On monthly and quaterly basis client liquidity assessment and forecast, KPI performance and financial assessment and management discussion
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