The Fund shall invest in SMEs in their Expansion and Growth Stage in the form of long-term debt instruments structured as a junior component potentially with embedded equity element

  • Focus

    Enterprises based in Croatia

    Privately owned in their Expansion and/or Growth Stage

    SME segment

  • Excluding

    Real-estate investment

    Early stage (seed or start up)

    Prebankruptcy, financial restructuring for
    firms in difficulties

    Tobacco, Financials, Armaments 

  • Financial Instrument

    Mezzanine subordinated term loan in various forms or with various features (bullet, Pik, profit participation, discount bond, warrants, callable/puttable)

    Maturity 4 to 7 years (grace, variable repayment schedule, balloon, PIK)

    Amount Eur 1mn to Eur 5mn

  • Situation

    Capex (equipment, plants, land)

    R&D investment

    market expansion including long term WC investment

    Acquisitions, Sponsored financing - LBO

    Recapitalization, MBO or various ownership repositioning

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    Key Advantages of working with us

    Increased capital strength of the company through the quasi equity/mezzanine debt participation

    Stronger dept repayment position

    Flexibilty during the investment period

    Post investment structure modification or additional financing (suplement financing, cost overruns, investment delays, accidentals)

    Work with the management owner to achieve financial prudence and alignment of interest of all stakeholders.

    Contact us directly or through your Commercial bank.